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The attitude of each number towards the subsequent more and more aspires to 618 after increase in serial number. The relation of everyone number aspires to the previous to 618 (to the return to 6 Number 618 call (FI), and we will talk about it in more detail a little later.

On such tournaments Leonard Fibonacci's talent also began to shine. It was promoted by a good education which the merchant Bonachchi who took it with himself on the East and put to it the Arab teachers gave to the son.

The numerical sequence of Fibonacci has many interesting properties. For example, the sum of two next numbers of sequence gives value of the following behind them (for example, 1+1=2; 2+3=5, etc.) that confirms existence of so-called coefficients of Fibonacci, i.e. constant ratios.

If the decision was made on the basis of only the five-wave chart from a day chart, without use of the rule of an entrance, we could begin sale at the level of 145 Under usual circumstances it would be possible to expect correction on decrease, but there was in accuracy an opposite.

This chance to predict the movements of the prices induces legions of analysts to work day and night. Entering the approach, Elliot was very specific. He wrote: "three distinctive features are inherent in any human activity: the form, time and the relation, - and all of them submit to summatsionny sequence of Fibonacci".

In rare cases the dragged-out movement will consist of nine waves, all of them the identical size. However, basing the decision to enter only on calculation of number of waves, we have to foreknow their quantity or predict the movement, proceeding from wave forms of Elliot. How it is possible to make it? Never it is known in advance, what wave form will develop, so to know not neobkhozhimost in advance and the market position, neither on bull, nor on bear trends.

Elliot realized importance of a vkyucheniye of various temporary intervals when wrote: "Ha the fast markets the day amplitude (range) is necessary, and hourly - is useful if it is not always necessary. On the contrary, to a gd day amplitude becomes imperceptible because of the small speed and big duration of waves, the appeal to weekly amplitude clears up business".

It is difficult to overestimate usefulness of use of numerical sequence of Fibonacci in the technical analysis. Do not forget that on two hands up to five fingers, two of which eight consist of two phalanxes, and – of three.

Some followers of Elliot can not agree with our calculation of waves at all. Time will show who is right. As Elliot did not offer any automatic rules applicable to his theory, the door for the independent analysis is left open.

The safest entry points are located where the price purposes according to Fibonacci are close the friend to the friend. If there is a price range (an interval between the price purposes), the rule of an entrance is applied at the time of crossing of the first line of this range.

Subsequently it became clear that extremely rare nine-wave form with nine almost identical waves took place. After end of these nine waves, the being expected strong correction, at last, followed, but whether investors waited for it?

The best approach consists in sharing of ratios of Fibonacci with Elliot's theory for preliminary calculation of the price purposes. When the ratio 618 (62%) has a priority before calculations of waves, it is possible to enter exhaustive rules of trading. The priority has to be as well in importance of the price purposes.

We choose a point (or points) last extrema and we build the vertical line of top of the second of them, and horizontal – of top of the first. The vertical piece which turned out thus is divisible on the parts corresponding to fibonachchiyevsky coefficients. After that we draw the beams which are proceeding from the first point and passing through chosen just.

Fibonacci's numbers are one of two components in professional methodology of the Wave Theory of Elliot. Elliot made Fibonacci's sequence of one of bases of the theory of the technical analysis. Fibonacci's numbers do possible determination of length of development of each of waves both at the price, and on time.