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Except the experts owning technology of design and who are engaged in design activity on a professional basis, participants of development and realization of substantial part of projects (especially at a stage of its introduction) can and have to be:

One of fundamental characteristics "the person cultural" is his ability to projective activity, i.e. productive imagination, creative and free transformation of reality on the basis of "model of the potrebny future". This ability is set by the essence of culture which is first of all set "design" (i.e. ideal, spiritual) of ways and results of development and transformation of the world — the nature, society, the person. The sense of cultural activity consists in its "improving" character, in "cultivation" of all components of human life, in ability to bring the person out of the limits in the form of a goal-setting, designing of an ideal image of the person and the world. In the course of production (and development, consumption) "a culture subject" the person reflexes concerning his perfect, ideal forms — ideal structure of an art product, ideal forms of the social device, ideal human relations, etc.

Within the specific project the content of actions is defined and concretized in common with the experts (for example, employees of cultural institutions, leisure, education, on the basis of which it is realized) who are professionally owning those types of welfare activity which within the project are used as means of achievement of the objectives and the solution of tasks.

Thus, sociocultural design — is the specific technology representing constructive, creative activity which essence consists in the analysis of problems and identification of the reasons of their emergence, development of the purposes and tasks characterizing a desirable condition of object (or spheres of design activity), development of ways and means of achievement of goals.

Allocation of all-social, local and individual situations gives the chance to carry out interrelation and consecutive transition of the decisions developed within design from one level on another. So, the characteristic of problems of persons and social groups and definition of ways of their permission are the center of target and substantial justification of local projects which can enter regional programs as their component. In turn, the regional programs focused on the solution of the all-territorial problems coinciding with an all-social perspective can be considered as a specification of federal projects.

Process of a goal-setting begins with the analysis of a situation and identification of the most actual problems, the project has to be focused on permission or which optimization. Can act as unit of the analysis:

Methods — it is ways and ways of achievement of the objectives and the solution of tasks, means — a set of methods and operations of achievement of the purpose. Within the project methods and means are concretized by set of the planned actions.

— providing favorable conditions for self-development of cultural life by means of stimulation of mechanisms of self-organization, an intelligent combination and support of historically created and new sociocultural technologies, elements, the phenomena.

Projective (or design) activity belongs to the category of innovative, creative activity because it assumes transformation of reality, is based on the basis of appropriate technology which can be unified, mastered and improved.

The tool, substantial part of design which represents the estimated system of actions which is developed towards to the target block, consists in identification of problems of resources, necessary for the decision (, definition of methods of achievement of the objectives (which are concretized in the form of actions and the content of activity), and also forms of the organization of efforts of the subjects involved in process of implementation of the project.

Practical actions serve as the basic of instruments of realization of a purpose of the project. They fix the beginning and stages of implementation of the project; define the directions, types, forms and the content of activity; attract the additional resources necessary for realization of the purposes and problems of each stage.