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Commodity reports in the wholesale organizations may contain data on the remains, arrival and an expense of goods not only in cost, but also quantitative expression, and also the remains, arrival and an expense can be specified not only in general, but also according to each name of goods.

Check of cash desk and cash operations is usually carried out in three directions: inventory of existence of money; check of completeness and timeliness of receipt of the money coming to cash desk; research of a of write-off of money for an expense.

The invoice is drawn up when the list of the shipped goods is great. The invoice is the receipt commodity document for retail trade organization and acts as the basis for payment of the arrived goods (the standard N 1 form

For payment of the arriving goods the account which contents is similar to the invoice can be used. The account is drawn up by the supplier on the delivered consignment of goods and is the basis for payment of goods (the standard N 8 form If the goods are credited, on the accompanying document there has to be a stamp.