Understand Step By Point Method

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At a correct posture the head and a trunk are located on one vertical line, shoulders are developed, slightly lowered and are at one level, shovels are pressed, physiological lines of a backbone are expressed normally. The breast slightly convex, a stomach acts or is slightly involved, feet are unbent in knees and coxofemoral. The thorax has a cylindrical or conic form. is relief, all joints are mobile. Feet straight lines, smykany hips, knees and heels happens without the special tension of muscles, to a small gleam below knees and over internal anklebones. Internal of feet do not concern a floor.

Sensory-motor amnesia can be avoided and it can be cured. It is possible to prevent it, using two unique properties of sensory-motor system of the person: ability to learn those movements, you studied earlier, and ability to remember that is forgotten.

The reflex of "green light" affects muscles from head to foot, causing the following movements: eyes open, face muscles and muscles relax, the neck deviates back, shoulders fall, elbows become straight, palms are unclenched, the thorax rises, belly muscles are extended, the diaphragm relaxes, breath by more free, crotch muscles, including szhimatel of the channel and back pass, relax, reduction of gluteuses turns hips outside, occurs assignment of hips, reduction of razgibatel of a hip is caused by reextension of knees, extension and rotation of feet. Feedback of all these movements itself the subjective feeling which is the cornerstone of a reflex "­ light" — feelings of effort.

SP — lying on a stomach, the left brush lies on the back party of a brush. Put the head on hands so that the center of a forehead fell on the back of the left hand. A breath, slowly to raise the head up, to hold into 5 accounts. To repeat 10 times,

The reflex of "red light" affects muscles from head to foot, causing the following movements: eyes are closed, maxillofacial strain, the neck deviates forward, shoulders rise, elbows, fists are clenched, the thorax becomes more flat, of a stomach and a diaphragm strain, the breath is held, ­ muscles of a crotch and small gluteuses, there is a turn of hips inside, knees are bent, feet turn inside. The feedback which is carried out through feelings represents the main of a reflex of "red light" — fear.